Mac Mail

Set up your compatible email account in Mac Mail. This is the email you specified as the recipient when you signed up for your @Fight.TV email address.

In Mac Mail, choose Mail > Preferences, then click Accounts.

Mac Mail instructions, step 1
Select your compatible email account, then click the Account Information tab.
Mac Mail instructions, step 2
Click the Email Address pop-up menu, choose Edit Email Addresses.
Mac Mail instructions, step 3

Click the Add button (+), and enter a name and email address:

  • Full Name: Your name
  • Email Address: Your new @Fight.TV email address
  • Click OK.
Mac Mail instructions, step 4
To send a message from your @Fight.TV email address, you must choose it. In a new message, move the pointer over the From field, click the pop-up menu that appears, then choose your @Fight.TV email address.
Mac Mail instructions, step 5

Congratulations, you have now successfully connected your new @Fight.TV email account with your Mac Mail. You can now send and reply to emails using your new @Fight.TV email address.